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About our company : Bangkok Aqua Plus Co.,Ltd.
      We are biggest collector , trading  and ornamental tropical fish exporter company  that supplies high quality of tropical fish in southeast Asia base in Thailand.  and we have network of tropical fish  breeding  and importer and supply ornamental fish.




      We are specialized in export live freshwater tropical fish from Thailand We are experienced for export lives tropical fishes and water plants since 1996 accepting by all customer (importers and transshippered) worldwide including USA , Europe , and countries of the Middle East . 



     Its quality , size , standard of packing and transportation ensure customer of their satisfaction at all cost . our experience can guarantee you for safety, secure and on time delivery  and we have the most species of fresh water fishes for your request and reasonable price.   



     Our company pass control the quality of farm for export from Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute, Department of Fisheries  of Thailand, Exporter registered no. 1010000801 and Farm registered no.TH1031030056 (Mr.Witun Runsuk) and TH1031160003 (Bangkok Aqua PLus Co.,LTd.)  .That confirmation the quality of all ornamental aquarium fish and aquatic plants from our company.



        We use packing machine  for packing  Betta fish , Discus fish , African cichlid  and some of  serious fish on transportation. That be sure our customer receive fish on good conditions for business.  and we use Aqua-Clipper sealing systems for seal transportation bags (double-bags) that for security fish on transportation process and delivery fish to customers.



         About  our supplies , We have networks of farming ,they can breeding quality of fish supply to our company. We source and stock fishes, feed them with good supply of nutrients and water to further improve their health and color. We have established a network of good farmers, who adopt good farming management practices, providing quality fishes, advice and support.


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